Our Holiday Meal

Happy Holidays!  I know you are supposed to be politically correct and say "holiday", but just so you know, we celebrate Christmas in our house.  I don't think Christmas dinner gets the respect it deserves, its too close to Thanksgiving.  People are too exhausted after weeks of plotting and planning for turkey day, to give Christmas it's due.  I decided a few weeks ago to have prime rib as the main course, but only decided two days what the accompaniments would be, and only went shopping yesterday.  Nobody leaves Thanksgiving shopping to two days before.
Here's my menu for tomorrow:
Appetizer - Sausage stuffed bacon-wrapped Dates (from Everyday Paleo)
Sides - Jewel-toned Pancakes (modified version) and Vanilla Scented Sweet Potato Puree
Dessert - Chocolate Pudding (from Make it Paleo)
Think that's too much for 2 people?  Oh well, we will have leftovers.  After all the cookie baking, I didn't have much creativity left for this menu, so I relied on my superior googling skills.  I will let you know what modifications I make along the way.  One thing I am going to make is breakfast, using a bread recipe from Against All Grain, I plan to make a baked french toast.  Recipe will be up tomorrow!

Happy Holidays!