Camping, Paleo Style!

This past weekend we headed out to Lake Perris State Recreational Area for some camping with a group of friends.  It was our second annual trip, but our first as paleo campers.  I found that with a bit of planning it was easy to stay on track.  I'm not going to lie though, I did spend an hour chopping vegetables for this trip.  But it was well worth it when I could just pull some stuff out of the cooler and it was ready to go.  I did fail a bit when it came to resisting S'mores, and for that I blame my marshmallow loving friend, Lauren!  As a side note, she is doing a paleo-type challenge this month and lost 6 lbs in 14 days, loves coconut oil and thinks cauliflower rice is the best thing since sliced bread.  It is really awesome to see people embrace paleo eating habits and have good results.  She did really well this weekend too, except for those damn S'mores!

I was able to pack 2 days worth of food for Ian and I into our cooler, here's what I brought;
2 lbs marinated Chicken breast, cubed - marinated at home, brought in a ziplock bag.
6 hard-boiled Eggs - eggs don't travel that well in a cooler, but hard-boiled ones sure do.
1 gallon bag full of chopped zucchini, summer squash, green pepper, onion - seasoned with olive oil and spices
2 packages Applegate farms cold cuts - I chose Ham and Roast Beef (they were on sale too!)
2 Red peppers sliced for sandwiches
1 Red pepper and 1 English cucumber, cut into sticks - for "sandwiches"
1 recipe worth Walnut Red Pepper Dip from Everyday Paleo
5 large carrots and 1 head celery cut into sticks, 1 English cucumber, cut into rounds - for dipping
1 bag Terra Mediterranean chips
1 bag Trader Joe's Kale chips
1 bag Trader Joe's Plantain chips
1 Cantaloupe
Kit's Organic Bars
(8 lbs Tri-tip, for the group dinner)

For dinner on Friday night we grilled chicken and the bag of seasoned vegetables.

For breakfast on Saturday we had leftover chicken, vegetables and hard-boiled eggs.

For lunch we had red pepper "sandwiches" and chips.

For snack we had the veggies and dip, plus the chips.

For dinner on Saturday we had Tri-tip and veggies that was prepared as a family style dinner by the group, we all pitched in so I can't really take credit for that.

Note: the skewers you see above are from Williams-Sonoma, Fire Wire Flexible Grilling Skewers, I highly recommend them!