Foodie Friday

In my haste last week to show off all the wonderful food I ate on vacation, I left out the most exciting thing.  Bacon on a stick!  Ballpark food has come a long way.  Yes, they still have peanuts and cracker jacks, but they also have bacon a stick, Kansas style BBQ, Old Bay sausage!  Now, I realize this is not the highest quality pork in the world, but it was darn tasty.  Reminds me of the San Diego County Fair, where every year they fry something new.  This year it's peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, that doesn't even sound good.  They dip anything they can in batter and into the deep fryer it goes.  Deep fried bacon would be awesome!  I digress...

I found a great seasoning at Trader Joe's last night.  They always have samples of something you can try as you enter the store, last night it was carne asada and guacamole.  They seasoned their guacamole with this spice blend they called "21 Seasoning Salute".  It is a combination of almost everything you can imagine, really, everything.  Bay leaves, marjoram, cayenne, thyme, onion, everything but salt, and that's what makes it wonderful.  For $1.99 a jar you can get a whole spice cabinet worth of flavor.   It's sometimes hard to find decent salt (and sugar!) free spice blends that don't break the bank, I was lucky with this one.

Ian went on a fact finding hunt as well, at Point Loma Seafood.  You know I threatened to make mussels a week or so ago, it is finally coming to fruition this weekend!  $4.79/lb for PEI Mussels!  I can't wait to dive into a dish of these babies.  I also purchased some grass-fed Lamb from a local meat purveyor today, look them up if you live in SoCal, Son-Rise Ranch.  I will be picking it up Sunday at the Leucadia farmers market.  That will be the topic for next week's foodie friday, the paleo-rrific things you can find at the farmers market!