Foodie Friday: May 4th

This weeks post is all about the great new stuff I've added to my kitchen.  We live in a rather small apartment, so Ian groans and rolls his eyes every time I get something new for the kitchen.  But he knows that it's my domain and he generally keeps his mouth shut.

1.  I have a vintage set of canisters that were my grandmothers, they are made by Kromex.  I recently found out that I was missing a vital piece of the set that will come in really handy eating paleo...the Grease jar!  I scoured eBay and found the matching one to my set.  Best part is it comes with a built in strainer!  I have a bid in on the matching spice jars and spice rack so I will keep you posted.

2.  1/2 Gallon of Vermont Maple Syrup!  I am from New Hampshire and grew up with the good stuff.  Unfortunately I never liked it and made my mom buy Aunt Jemima, not anymore!  My mom had it shipped from back east for Ian's birthday.

3.  Ceramic coated saute pans!  This may be the 'piece de resistance'...thanks again to Mom!  She's an avid QVC watcher and when I told her I needed some new pans, she trusted David (In the Kitchen with David), to provide me with the latest and greatest.  These things are PTFE and PFOA free, coated with a beautiful non-stick ceramic surface.  I think I will be cooking with these for a good long while.  Buy your own here!