Foodie Friday

This is a new feature in which I will recap my weekly eating plus share any interesting factoids I have found during the week.  I love Googling things, I am known around my office for superior Googling skills.  I use this skill to be inspired in the world of food, and more often than not I find really good sites by accident.  They may not be paleo sites, but inspiration can come from anywhere.

My mom is here from New Hampshire visiting this week, so I have been busy, but there will be a new recipe post tomorrow.  And I plan to spend most of the day Sunday testing a few recipes, so stay tuned!  

Here are some highlights from my week in food;
Sunday Brunch: Cherimoya Pancakes - Recipe coming!
Monday Dinner: Coconut Milk Poached Salmon with Zucchini Noodles - Recipe coming!
Tuesday Lunch: Chicken Salad over Greens
Chicken, grapes, celery with home-made dill mayo!
Wednesday Lunch: Beef Sliders with Dijon Onions, zucchini and summer squash (Ian made this!)

Thursday: Amazing dinner at Lion's Share in Seaport Village before the Padres game.  I definitely ate only things that had parents.  Started off with a trio of sausages, including duck and antelope, then Wild Boar Chops with sweet potato puree and jicama slaw.  Ian had a grass-fed beef burger with wild boar bacon and duck egg.  All the food was awesome.
Slaw was a combo of jicama, cabbage and macadamias!  

Burger had fried onions on top, Ian indulged.