$ Breakdown

Ian read my Cinnamon Raisin French Toast post and immediately said, "Good job, you left cost out."  So I did.   I need to make some assumptions first in order to more accurately breakdown the cost of my meals.
  1. Everyone has coconut oil, salt, pepper, basic spices on hand, I will not include the prices of those in my meals.
  2. I buy almond flour in bulk.  You can get 5 lbs from Honeyville Grain for $29.99.  Approx. 20 cups in 5 lbs, $1.49/cup.  Bob's Red Mill is a much more expensive option, buying in bulk saves money.  Bob's is 4 cups for $10.99 (in CA), or $2.75/cup, and I find Honeyville's product to be superior.
  3. We are members of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).  We pay $396 per quarter for our vegetables, from Garden of Eden Organics.  It is a weekly pick-up (year round) and we have no choice what we get. We usually end up buying other vegetables but it depends on what we get that week. 
  4. We are also members of a grass-fed beef CSA.  J&J Grassfed Beef offers a monthly beef delivery, broken down how ever you like.  We usually get 11-12 lbs for $115, about $9.58/lb for all the cuts, ground beef, stew meat, sausages, steaks, roasts.  
  5. We supplement both of the above with foods we find in our weekly circular or at the farmer's market.  For example, Sockeye salmon was on sale at Sprouts last week, so we got 4 sides for $7.99/lb, they averaged about $13 a piece.  We VERY rarely buy meat that is not on special at one store or another. We also frequent one of the many local farmers markets around San Diego on an almost weekly basis.  We find the prices are a little higher than the sale prices at Sprouts, but the quality can't be beat.
Living in Southern California, there are certain foods that are readily available to us year round, and the prices will vary from what you can probably find in your area.  But I think it will help to have a basis of what meals could potentially cost, I hope this helps.