I recently started eating Paleo (see What is Paleo?) and decided to share my experiences and recipes with the world.  I am hoping to help inspire other cooks to explore the world of paleo food in a new way.  
My name is Kate Jentes and I live in San Diego, California with my food-guinea, Ian.  What's a food-guinea?  Well, he's my guinea-pig when it comes to recipes and ideas.  I try new things and he gives me an honest evaluation, his honesty is one of the things I love most about him.  He's also the brains behind the operation, he knows more about the why, and I know more about the "what's for dinner?".  Works out pretty well.
We started eating paleo in November, 2011, when we were introduced to it by my lifelong friend, nutritionist and all around kick-ass person, Shannon Doleac.  She and her husband, Mike, live in Park City, Utah, with their two boys, Taylor and Boston.  After 5 days at their house over Thanksgiving, we were hooked.  
We got home from the trip, cleaned out most of our cupboards and went to the store to stock up on all the paleo necessities.  We did find that our new way of eating could be a bit more expensive, which is another aspect of this blog.  I am planning to include the cost per "meal" for most of the recipes. I will talk more about this in future posts, we work hard to control our food costs, and I will share my tips with you here.
I am looking forward to sharing my experience with everyone, hopefully you find some useful recipes, tips and tricks!